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About Us

Mittal is a fast-growing and reputable firm specialized in building contracting and steel construction. Our approach in work is quality and solution driven, and is focused on attaining client satisfaction and exceeding all expectations. Being a design-build focused firm, we have worked to create and capture value throughout all projects’ stages of design and engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning. Throughout the years, we have also worked on diversifying our portfolio of projects including industrial, commercial, and residential. This diversification was coupled with the goal of making Mittal an independently run firm to which clients hand a piece of land, and in return we give them a fully operational facility.

Our Team

We have professionals working in the management, administration, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, MIS department, procurement and cost control, engineering and construction. The company also has employees with experience in steel works, concrete works and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) department and workshop.

Mittal Contracting Team
Mittal Contracting Team

Equipment & Capabilities

In Mittal, our strength comes from our people who with their skills and competencies are capable of undertaking and acing any challenge. Accordingly, they are our invaluable assets and resources with whom success can be reached. Mittal also supports the team’s growth and continuous development, and ensures that they are offered the best working environment. Our team includes experienced managers and engineers, and skilled workforce.

Mittal’s assets also include equipment that allow it to execute and deliver its projects. These equipment are either owned or procured from the local market through long-term lease arrangements, and in both cases Mittal poses the capabilities to manage and utilize them efficiently and effectively on projects. An example of such equipment are shown next.

It was founded in Dubai on the 30th of March 2008, with the aim of becoming a regional leader in design-build contracting. From the first day, we were aware that to achieve our goal we have to differentiate our firm and set a dynamic strategy since we are part of a competitive market. Our differentiation strategy included using our experience to transform the conventional understanding of design-build. We started to tackle this by being an active party working to drive solutions tailored to each client’s needs, budget, and timeframe without compensating safety or quality. By adapting this, we are currently one of the fast growing and reputable firms across the UAE known for prioritizing client satisfaction and delivering the highest quality for projects among which are industrial and commercial facilities. To grow further and achieve our ultimate regional goal, we are developing strategies characterized with flexibility to accommodate changing conditions, and adapt new construction approaches and technologies.

Our Mission

"In Mittal, we believe people are construction industry’s invaluable assets because the industry is driven by their needs and through their skills. This is why we place people at the heart of our work whether they are clients, end users, employees, or shareholders.

We also believe that collaborative practices among parties are key to successful delivery, which is ultimately measured through client satisfaction. We aim to acquire this satisfaction by utilizing our experience to deliver requirements to the highest quality standards, and within time and budget constraints. We are also aware of our social and environmental responsibilities, which we work hard to accommodate through considerable execution and selective material usage."

Our Vision

"Mittal aspires to become the region’s premier design-build firm within the coming years. We aim to lead with our solution-driven approach focused at creating value, driving innovation, delivering highest quality to acquire clients’ satisfaction and ultimately benefit the region’s communities."


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